1. No more needles, no more drills!
2. No more high-pitched drilling noises
3. Targets decay
4. ldeal for chindren
5. Laser treatments for many dental procedures
6. Better for your teeth

Laser dentistry

We all want to have healthy teeth. But the thought of needles and drills makes the idea of visiting the dentist less appealing. With the advent of dental lasers you can now receive better quality dental care, with fewer visits and without many of the discomforts of traditional dentistry. And most importantly, laser dentistry is better for your teeth.

Lasers have been used in other medical fields for many years and have revolutionized many treatments, notably eye surgery and hair removal. This proven technology is now an established aspect of modern dentistry and is widely used in Europe and the USA, and by a growing number of Australian dentists. Laser dentistry has been practiced since the 1980s, and recent advances have enhanced the considerable benefits for patients.

Dental lasers can now replace many traditional treatments, and supplement others, offering state of the art dental care. In all cases, lasers can achieve better results.

Ask your dentist how you can benefit from laser dentistry.


Not only is laser dentistry better for your teeth, it makes your visit to the dentist more comfortable. Some of its many benefits include:
1. Fewer needles and drills
2. Less discomfort during and after treatments
3. Preservation of natural, healthy teeth whilst targeting decay
4. Fewer visits to the dentist
5. Protects teeth against further decay
6. Reduced treatment time
7. Better treatment outcomes
8. Faster healing

Laser fillings

Of the many treatments laser dentistry can offer, laser fillings is the one that will most change your visit to the dentist.
A dental laser is used to remove decay before a filling is placed in the tooth. The laser targets the decay and in most cases laser dentists can perform fillings with no needles and no drills.

Other laser treatments
1. Sensitive Teeth and Fluoride Treatments
2. Root Canal Sterilisation
3. Gum Disease Treatments
4. Surgical procedures
5. And more…

Your visit

Patients often ask how their visit to the dentist will be different with lasers.
Apart from the main benefits of laser dentistry-less time in the chair, fewer visits, fewer needles, less discomfort-your visit will be much the same as before.
Depending on the type of laser being used, there will be a quiet beep or ticking sound when the laser is operating. You might feel a water spray or air spray-much the same as a normal visit.
There will be some additional safety precautions taken during your visit. Both you and your dentist will wear protective eyewear during laser treatments. The surgery door will also be closed whilst the laser is in use.





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